Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the time of writing can we conduct surveys, yes, but are we, no, why, we are doing our bit to save lives and we are all self isolating but working remotely from home, our contact details are unaffected by this.

Our survey coordinator Elaine is maintaining the administration and customer service part of the business as normal and she welcomes any enquires regarding the need for our services in the future, whenever that may be, all other members of staff are stood-down until further notice.

Based upon the information you provide us with she is able to confirm what the survey will cost by e-mail but clearly not when it can be carried out.

Once Elaine has provided you with information you can instruct us in principle by e-mail, you will not be under contract or obligation nor will Elaine request any fees at that time, she will confirm our terms of trading in our quotation e-mail.

Instructions in principle will where practically possible be allocated on a first come first serve basis, this means that the sooner you provide an instruction in principle the sooner the survey can be carried out when allowed to do so.

Stay safe, stay well, stay at home.